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Film Removal

Film Removal

Removing old film can be very difficult. It is easy to damage the vehicle if you don't have proper training. The longer the film has been exposed to the elements, the more difficult the process becomes, causing the film to break into small pieces. Here are some tips to help ease the pain.

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, white scrub pad, 000 steel wool, black trash bag, ammonia, and paper towels.

Split a large trash bag down the side and spread over the rear window.
Step 4a – cover exterior of window with trash bag
Trim bag into a 1 piece pattern.
Step 4b – trim to make a 1-piece pattern
Hang pattern on glass using mounting solution.
Step 8 – place trash bag onto interior of window
Park car in sun and let bake to soften adhesive.
Step 9 – park in the heat
Park car in sun and let bake to soften adhesive.
Step 10 - peel film back
With some cleaning solution, wet exterior of rear window and clean with paper towels.
Split black trash bag down one side and across the bottom.
Unfold into a single layer of black film.
Re-wet outside of rear window.
(a) Cover exterior of rear window with trash bag.
(b) Trim by over-lapping black border with a 1" pattern
to cover the entire window.
Place black trash bag covering rear deck inside vehicle.
Spray interior of rear window with cleaning solution.
Next, wet window with ammonia solution (use mask if needed).
Place black trash bag onto interior of rear window.
Park vehicle in sun for 30 minutes trying not to let ammonia solution evaporate.
Start at top corner and peel film and trash bag away from glass (if film peels in layers stop and redo process for another 30 min.).
Re-mist interior of rear window and scrub off any left over adhesive using white pad or 000 steel wool.
Wipe off moisture with paper towel.
Helpful Tip:
Talk the customer into bringing their vehicle on a hot day.

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