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Automotive Safety & Security Films

Installing safety and security film on cars is becoming quite popular these days as customers are looking for more and more protection and privacy. However, the installation process is very different from regular automotive films. Safety and security film is much thicker and stiffer making many of the installation steps more difficult and time consuming. Done correctly, safety and security film is an incredible product to increase protection for automobiles. Done incorrectly, you will have many hours of frustration and, more importantly, you'll have some unhappy customers. Make sure you have practiced many hours with safety and security film before you offer this type of service to your customers.

The most dramatic difference between regular tint film and safety and security film is the amount of squeegeeing that is required to minimize the dry out time. 2 and 4 mil safety films are easier to work with and pretty much mirror the standard automotive installation procedures. However, the thicker films (7 mil and higher) can cause problems unless you know some of the more professional techniques outlined in this section.

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