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Squeegeeing Security Film
Blue Max Squeegee
with an Unger-Pro Handle

The squeegee process for security film can be very difficult for
the beginner,
especially when working on a car application. Since security film is so thick, it takes a lot of practice to make sure all of the moisture is removed from underneath the film. In fact, we recommend that you have at least a year of window tint installation experience before attempting to install security film on any car.

The best tool to use is the Blue-Max squeegee attached to an Unger-Pro handle. The key is to make sure to apply more pressure with each squeegee pass. Then, wrap a towel around a hard card and repeat the process.

The more moisture that you remove during the installation phase, the quicker the film cure time will be. If you leave too much water in between the film and the glass window, you will notice large water pockets starting to form. If the water pockets are bigger than the size of a quarter, that's a concern and you should repeat the squeegee process. Don't worry if the pockets are small (i.e. size of a dime), they should dry out without any problems.

Note: the dry out time for security film on cars is approximately a month.

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