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Cutting Security Film

Cutting security film is a little different than cutting standard automotive window film because you are working with a thicker film ply. If you are installing thinner safety film, like a 2 mil or 4 mil piece, you can revert back to the standard cutting procedures for automotive films. This section provides helpful tips on how to cut 7 mil and thicker security films.

Cutting Security Film on Side Roll-ups

Tools needed: Olfa knife, Ruler, Grease pencil, Clear film liner and Squeegee

Clean and prep the outside of windows. Make sure the side door windows are rolled up.
Get a piece of clear film liner and cover the entire side window. Cut a template that is 2" bigger than the window all the way around. Use a grease pencil if necessary to help cut your pattern.
Take your security film and tape it to the trimming glass making sure the liner side of the film is facing you.
Now, take your clear film liner template and place it over the security film on the trimming glass.
With a new blade on your Olfa knife, it's now time to make your cut across the bottom and both sides of the security film. You can do this either freehand or with a ruler, but make sure the cut is a 1/4" larger than the template so you'll have extra room upon installation.
If you have a steady hand, you can attempt to cut the top of the security film free-handed. If not, you might feel more comfortable cutting the top of the security film pattern on the side roll-up window itself. Follow the remaining procedures if you decide to cut the top of the security film on the side window:
• Spray the outside of the window with solution and place the security film pattern onto the side window.
• Center film and squeegee film into place.
• Pull the bottom of the film away from the glass and roll down the window by 3".
• Cut the film in one smooth motion from one end of the top to the other.

Cutting Security Film on Rear Windows

Tools needed: Olfa knife, Baby powder, Sponge w/soap & water, Squeegee and button

Since you don't have to deal with gaskets and frames on a rear window, the cutting procedure for security film on rear windows is similiar to the techniques used in cutting standard automotive films.

Prep and clean the outside surface of rear window, then apply baby powder on the entire glass.
With a sponge (wet with soap and water), run a small stroke across the center of the rear window. This will help the film cling to the glass.
Apply the security film to the rear window and squeegee the film to anchor it to the glass. Remember to work fast to keep the soap and water form evaporating.
Using a new blade on your Olfa knife, cut your security film pattern. Cut the sides to the edge of the glass while the top and bottom cuts should be about an inch longer. This is in case you burn the film during heat shrinking. Also, we recommend using the "button" technique (refer to Automotive Rear Window Pattern Cut section) when cutting your pattern.

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