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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Shop Size

Shop Size

Enough room to work without bumbing into each other.The size of the shop is an obvious consideration when comparing locations. Too big and you pay too much rent. Too small and you won't be able to grow. Here are some things to consider as you look at the shop space.

First, consider the number of cars that need to fit in the shop at the same time. A small independant dealer may find that room for one car is sufficient, but most shops need room for at least two cars. Shops expecting to do more than 10 cars a day will need additional room. Experienced installers often work on 5 cars or more
per day so plan your space accordingly.

Second, space around the cars is optimum. Obviously, you want plenty of room between cars and structures as you move the vehicles in and out of your shop. An installer needs plenty of room to work around the vehicles. The doors need to be open. The back hatch will also be open. You need 6 feet (2 meters), or more, all around a car to work freely.
If you can't get in and out of the car easily, youYou will have to move cars and open doors.  Avoid damage to vehicles by leaving enough room. will waste time and film.

Third, it is helpful if you're able to move one car in and out without moving another. In other words, workspaces that put the car side by side are preferable to a space that puts the cars in one after the other. Avoid time wasters such as moving one car to get access to others within the shop. It is an unnecessary waste of time. Remember, time is money.

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