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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Customer Area

Customer Waiting Area

Comfortable waiting area with continued up-sell opportunity.
Customer waiting area

Where will you do your selling to your customers? Can you create a "sales" environment? A sales environment builds customer confidence and offers clear product choices. Display all of your products and all your employees should be trained in cross-selling them together.

Does the property offer a reasonable space for the sales process? If it is too small, your shop appears to be small time; if it is too large, you waste space and rent. Fit the sales area to both the size of your product offering and your staff.

Do not allow the customer to feel lost and unable to get help when they walk into the shop. When comparing sales areas of different locations, consider the customer's view as they enter your shop. Imagine more than one customer at a time in the area,
is there space for your sales people? Look for electrical outlets. Lighted displays and video players are common sales tools. Your shop requires adequate electrical outlets.

Can you sell them items for their home while they wait for their car.
Customer waiting area

Where do they wait while you install film on their car? Avoid having the customer in your shop or in the sales area while you work. Create a "waiting room" with a TV, internet, snacks, etc. Locations within walking distance of some kind of attraction are ideal. When the client is able to walk to a mall or restaurant, they are happier and out of your working environment.

When considering properties the customer areas should get special attention.

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