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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Vehicle Access

Vehicle Access

Moving vehicles in and out of your shop is an important topic. You only need to back one car into a wall, car or person to ruin your day. This dilemma is your #1 safety concern and area of liability as a shop owner. Ask yourself the following questions as you evaluate potential locations:

It should be easy to move vehicles in and out of your shop.
Vehicle area

Does it have roll-up doors?
We have seen cars brought in the shop through all sorts of doors, but nothing works as well as roll-ups. They should be fast to operate and should also do a good job of sealing the door.

Is there sufficient room to manuever cars in and out?
Stand in the space, think about pulling cars in and out.
Once inside, will you have to turn the cars?
Is there enough space?
Consider handling the car outside the shop.
Answer these questions before signing a lease.

Access the entry door from the Sales/Reception parking area?
The ideal situation is to give the car to the customer in your driveway, not the street.

Are the parking areas separated?
Make sure to have separate parking areas for customers and finished vehicles.
This organization prevents fender-benders.

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