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A good environment makes closing the sale easier!
Proper lighting provides
a positive work environment

Adequate lighting equals job success.

This job requires working with a transparent product that reduces light coming into the car, looking for pockets of water or tiny pieces of contamination. Installers need to see clearly inside and out while working. Good light also reduces the amount of "finish" work that many installers do after pulling the car into the light. Your goal is to be presenting your customer with a perfect automobile when the car pulls into the light.

Light creates the look and positive environment in a workplace. A clean, bright shop appears professional and impresses customers. Your employees will appreciate the
extra light and make everyone's job easier.

A clean shop pays off.
Install additional lights if needed

Look for a location with appropriate lighting. Locations without adequate lighting involve additional improvement costs.

Things to consider include:
How many lights do you need?
Do existing lights work?
Are electrical outlets installed in the desired areas?
(i.e. on the ceiling)?
Will the property owner allow you to install additional lights?
What is the cost of a professional electrician?

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