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White boards are a must have piece of office equipment. They allow collaborative teams to discuss, plan, visualize and communicate. Whether the team is creating a product, planning a new product release or developing a marketing strategy, no productive office can afford to be without one.

The commercially available write on boards on the market today have various drawbacks. They take up large amounts of wall or floor space and they tend to stain or develop a ghosting appearance with repeated usage, forcing them to need to be replaced.

Johnson Window Films has a long term solution to solve the need for a writeable surface in any given space. Our printable products available in either clear (PRT2CLR) or white out (PRT2WOUT) versions come with a coating that is not only perfect for the application of UV Cured inks, but also lend themselves quite nicely to the application of dry erase markers. This coating does not ghost over long periods; even writing that has been on the surface for months once erased leaves a clean unmarked surface.

These films can be installed on any glass or metal surface. The removable pressure sensitive adhesive installs exactly as other window film products. Office managers love that you can take any interior window whether in a conference room or other office and apply one of these products to produce a writeable surface without the need to allocate precious wall or floor space.

This product can even be applied on top of an existing board’s surface to extend its life prior to replacement. Our Printable White Out can be placed on the top of stained surface to make it look like new, the clear version could be placed on a new board to ensure that it never becomes stained. Clean as you would a traditional white board for years of continued use, now office windows can be used to produce a functional writing surface.

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