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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Wall Space

Wall Space

Automotive installation shops require adequate wall space. Plain wall space in a tint bay provides a necessary function. Following are examples of essential tools to place in this space.

Glass Trimming Board

Glass Trimming BoardsThis tool makes installations easier, reduces trimming on car windows and helps cut contamination. The standard method is to mount the glass on the wall. Another method is to mount the board on a wheeled frame to allow movement around the car. You need one board per vehicle, but many installers prefer one on either side of the vehicle.

Film Dispensers – are often used in busy shops. They allow you to keep your most popular films readily available. Your market will have "favorite" films, and if you have a Car Dealership business, many cars will be done in the same film. This tool saves time and increases productivity.

A good environment makes closing the sale easier!
Film Display Board

Tool Box or BenchCount on using some wall space for tool storage. Work benches often have shelves underneath which also serves as film storage. Placing a space bar for the many tools you will collect as you work on cars will keep your business clean and organized.

Pay attention to the wall space. You'll be glad you did.

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