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Black Vinyl Over Dot Matrix

Black Vinyl Over Dot Matrix

Some rear windows today feature a heavy dot matrix pattern, especially at the top of the window. It can cause a light disparity through the glass when window film is applied. An advanced installation technique is to apply a strip of black vinyl across the top of the rear window to essentially block out the matrix. Offering black vinyl to customers is a good way to up sell your tinting business.

Black vinyl – before
Black vinyl – after
Film not adhering to dot matrix
After black vinyl is installed

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Olfa knife, Paper towels,
Squeegee and Tape

Step 2 – placing a clear liner over the dot matrix

Step 3 – remove liner template

Step 3 – cutting vinyl pattern

Step 4 – peeling off
vinyl pattern
Inspect and Clean Window
Spray the top of the window with solution and wipe clean with a paper towel. You probably will have already completed this step upon your initial window film installation, but it doesn't hurt to check the window once more before beginning your black vinyl installation.
Make a Template
Now that you have given the rear window a good inspection and cleaning, it's now time to make a template strip out of a clear piece of liner. This template will be used to cut the black vinyl pattern.

• Spray dot matrix area on the outside of the rear window.
• Place a clear piece of liner over the entire dot matrix pattern across the top of the window.
• Spray liner with solution and squeegee out moisture to anchor the liner to the glass.
• Using your Olfa knife, make a cut across the pattern 1/8" below the last dot on the matrix. Trim the sides and top of the liner to the edge of the glass as well. You now have your liner template.
Cut Black Vinyl Pattern

• Using tape, hang a strip of black vinyl on your trimming glass. Make sure strip is at least 2" larger than the liner template you just created.
• Remove liner template from rear window and place on top of your black vinyl strip using the reverse side.
• Cut your black vinyl pattern 1/8" bigger than your liner template (your vinyl strip will now be a 1/4" bigger than the application area to prevent light gaps).
• Spray rear window one more time with solution and squeegee out starting at the top and working your way down. Wipe clean using a paper towel.
Install Black Vinyl Strip
You are now ready to install your pre-cut black vinyl pattern on the inside of the rear window.

• Spray inside of rear window (dot matrix area) with solution and squeegee clean. Re-spray dot matrix area with solution so you can move your black vinyl strip around.
• Before entering the back seat, peel liner off of the black vinyl strip, then wet the vinyl with solution. Note: do not wet vinyl until backing is completely removed.
• Place black vinyl pattern over dot matrix pattern overlapping the window film by 1/8". Make sure there are no light gaps.
• Squeegee out moisture starting at the center of the vinyl strip and working outwards. Use small strokes with each stroke overlapping the last one.
• Spray window with solution and clean with a paper towel.

Install black vinyl strip after installing normal window film to the rear window. Your window film installation should be about 1/8" below the dot matrix at the top of the window. Remember to let the rear window sit for about 30 minutes before starting
your black vinyl installation.

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