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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Shop Environment

Shop Environment

Once you have the functional items in place, it's now time to apply the finishing touches to provide your customers with a friendly and professional store appearance.

1. Professional Sales Environment – consider wearing uniforms instead of T-shirts and jeans. Your customers will notice. Also, enhance the lobby surroundings with an appropriate mix of posters, pictures, sample products, music and videos (but make sure not to clutter the area).

2. Clean & Comfortable – a clean area shows customers that you pay attention to details and you also want to provide a relaxed atmosphere for every person walking through your doors.

3. Pleasant Personnel – treat each customer with respect and a friendly attitude. Remember, word-of-mouth travels far and your customers will be a good source for attracting new business.

A clean shop pays off.
Professional environment
A good environment makes closing the sale easier!
Clean and comfortable

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