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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Location


Location is a major issue for any shop. Rents increase dramatically as the locations improve, especially in most common retail situations. The key to success often lies in the location of the shop. However, large numbers of consumers may not equal foot traffic in the auto business. Here are some things to consider as you try to decide if higher rent for a better location is worth the cost.

A good location brings customers.
Traffic lights are good for business

1) An Auto Tint shop needs customers with cars.
A busy street is preferable to a quiet back road but being on a freeway is no better. The freeway has traffic, but customers cannot stop. A successful location offers the easy "impulse" stop. Customers should be able to see
your signs and easily pull into your driveway from either direction.

2) A busy street is great but a busy street next to a traffic light is even better. Go outside and look around–does traffic stop near your shop? People glance at signs sitting at a stoplight. Your signage plants the "window tint idea" in their head. Ask yourself, "Is the traffic pattern going to help me spread the word or is it going to keep customers from seeing my shop?"

3) Signage is extremely important. Once you have a decent traffic location, be certain the landlord will allow signage and get the agreement in the lease. Without signage, you need other advertising to help draw traffic to your store. The ideal signage is easy to read at driving speed. Make sure the communication is short and to the point.

Remember – you need more than a busy street!

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