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Framed Shifting Pattern

Framed Shifting Pattern

From time to time, you may run across a side door window that shifts out of frame when rolling it down. These are called shifting side door windows. During vehicle inspection, it's important to check to see which way the window shifts because shifting varies from car to car. Although there are a variety of installation techniques for shifting windows, the following steps are recommended for the novice tinter:

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Olfa knife and Squeegee

Trim the bottom if the factory edge doesn't fit.
Step 3 – place film on window
Trim non shifting side.
Step 6 – cut non-shifting side
Cut shifting side next.
Step 7 – cut shifting side
Cut shifting side next.
Step 9 – cut top of film
Trim last few inches of shifting side with pattern on trimming glass.
Step 11 – use ruler
to trim film
After inspecting vehicle to see which direction window comes out of frame, prep and clean outside framed door window for your pattern cut.
Check to make sure window is rolled up, then spray outside window with solution.
Place film onto window. Make sure to cover area with at least 2" to 3" of excess film.
Center film and make sure the liner is face up.
Start by cutting the bottom of your pattern using your olfa knife. Poke knife into one corner of the bottom gasket and cut film from one end to the other.
Your next cut will be on the side of the window that does not shift when rolling down. With a new blade on your Olfa knife, poke knife into bottom side corner and cut film all the way to the top.
Slide film over the bottom window by 1/4", and slide film over non-shifting side window by a 1/4". This will give you a little extra film upon installation to prevent any light gaps.
Spray film with solution and squeegee 2-3 times to anchor film to the window.
Roll down window 3 to 4 inches. With a new Olfa knife blade, poke knife into top corner of the non-shifting side. Now, cut film from the top of the non-shifting side all the way down to the bottom of the shifting side using one even motion. Stop a few inches away from rubber gasket.
Take your pattern to the trimming glass.
Take a ruler and trim off last few inches left on the shifting side film. Make sure you angle the ruler to match up with the cut you performed when the film was mounted to the door window.
Trim off any remaining bad edges. Once your pattern is cut, the next step is to prep and clean the inside of the shifting side door window to get it ready for installation.

Helpful Tips:
• Always position olfa knife at a 45-degree angle.
• When cutting film, take your free hand and push film so that it's flush up against the glass.
• Always keep your knife steady. Any movement will cause an uneven cut.

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