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Visor Strip Pattern

Front Windshield Visor Strip
While most U.S. state laws prohibit window tint on the front windshield, it is legal to tint the front windshield visor strip. This creates a terrific opportunity for dealers to offer additional tint service to customers while increasing their sales. The following will provide a step-by-step process on how to tint the front windshield visor strip.

Tools Needed:
Olfa knife, Hard cards, Paper towels and 1" Razor blades.

Cut and Trim Film Pattern
Now that you have given the front windshield a good inspection and cleaning,
it's now time to cut the film in order to produce the right pattern to apply.
Make sure measurements are exact so the film can be easily installed.
Please follow these procedures:

Measure and mark with a grease pen or marker
Step 3 – measure and mark windshield
Use a light while trimming if necessary.
Step 5 – trim film 1/8" bigger than markings
Spray top of outside windshield with solution to make it easy to move the film around.
Lay film on top of the front windshield (make sure factory edge is on the bottom and the liner is facing you).
Measure down from the top of the window and mark the windshield with a blackout marker on the outside of glass where the visor will end up (do this on both the driver and passenger sides so film will be even).
Align film to the outside of the glass by misting the center of the film and squeegee from center out to edges.
Using your Olfa knife (make sure it's a new blade) trim film 1/8" bigger than your inside black markings. Use a small flashlight if necessary.
Place pattern onto clean trimming glass (hard coat touching glass) and trim off bad edges.

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