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How Much Practice?

How Much Practice?

Becoming a successful window film installer requires dedication and passion. There is intense competition in the marketplace, so it's important to establish solid work habits
to set yourself apart from the rest. Remember, there are no short cuts to success.

Here are a couple of helpful business tips to get you started:

Practice – You know the old saying "practice makes perfect." Well, this phrase defines the window film installation business. Remember, installing window film is not an easy process so it takes time to master the craft. If you are just starting out, practice installing film on your car, or a friend's car. It takes a little while before you feel comfortable with all of the various techniques and procedures.

Patience – It's more important to do the installation job right than to be fast. Speed will come with experience so take it slow in the beginning. If you rush the job, it will only cost you more time (and money!) to replace a poorly tinted car. Once you are familiar with the installation process, you'll settle on a pace that's comfortable for you.

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