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Roll-Up Clean and Prep

Roll-Up Clean & Preparation

It's important to prepare and clean both the outside and inside side door window before film application. You want to remove all dirt and contamination to ensure a successful installation job. Additionally, you want to prep any side door gaskets to avoid any problems during film application.

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Olfa knife, Paper towels, Squeegee,
1" Razor blade, White pad and Tape

Inspect and Clean Framed Side Door Window
Before installation, it is very important to inspect and clean the framed side door window. This will help prevent contamination and other possible film installation problems.
Your initial steps include:

Step 4 – spray window
and clean
Check for scratches and chips on the door window.
Roll down window to make sure all parts are working.
Check rubber gasket around the door window to see if there is any felt. If the gasket includes felt, you will need to tape it down to prevent it from sticking to the film.
Spray outside of door window with solution and clean.
Use white scrub pad if necessary, then wipe clean using paper towels.

Prep and Clean Inside Framed Door Window
After cutting and trimming your pattern, the next step is to carefully prepare the inside door window so that a smooth and easy installation can take place.

Step 2 – clean rubber gaskets

Step 4 – scrape inside
of window

Step 7 – wipe top edge
of window with towel
Leave no drops when you squeegee.
Step 8 – squeegee clean

If the gasket is felt, use masking tape and pull back felt away from the window.
If gasket is rubber, roll down the window and clean with solution and paper towels.
Roll down window 3 inches from the top and clean window with solution. Take your hand and rub the window to check if any old adhesive might still be there.
Scrape window using 1" razor blade.
Take Olfa knife and clean window in between gaskets.
Roll window up and finish cleaning bottom of the window with solution.
Roll down window 3 inches from the top and wipe top edge using a paper towel.
Also, wipe off sides of the window along the door panel.
Spray with solution one more time and wipe clean using a squeegee and paper towels.

Helpful Tips:
• When taping back felt gaskets, use at least a 1" piece of tape to make it easier to remove.

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