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Flat Glass Basics

If you are new to the commercial and residential tint world, there are some basic points you'll need to know before you get started. You need to familiarize yourself with the different films and tools required and understand the various influencers that affect a flat glass installation job. This section provides basic flat glass installation techniques.

Basic Process – provides an indepth review of a few installation steps.

Flat Glass Tools – an overview
of tools used in flat glass film installations.

Present Yourself – tips on how
to present yourself before a sales call.

Education Sells – ways to improve your flat glass film knowledge.

Choosing the Correct Film – how to choose the right film for your customer's needs.

Adhesives (PS) vs. (DA) – shows the differences between the two types of adhesives.

Scratching Glass – learn how to prevent
scratching the glass during installation.

Windows to Avoid – shows the types
of windows that should not receive
window film.

Curing Time – talks about the drying-out
process of film after installation.

Glass Breakage – learn to recognize
the factors that produce thermal
stress on glass.

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