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Pressure Sensitive (PS) vs. Dry Adhesive (DA)

There are predominantly two types of mounting adhesives used in the window film industry today—Pressure Sensitive (PS) and Dry Adhesive (DA). Although each type
of adhesive has its own particular attribute, the general application procedure remains the same for both. The table below outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each system:

Pressure Sensitive (PS)
Immediate tack for easier and faster installation. Tacky surface picks up dust and fibres.
Bonds to curved glass surfaces. Breaks down with ammonia glass cleaners.
Holds glass fragments when glass
is broken.
Prone to distortion, pressure marks
and squeegee marks.
Develops distortion with thermal cycling.
Lower visual quality.

Dry Adhesive (DA)
Non-tacky, allowing more time for a quality installation and reduces the risk
of contamination from airborne particles.
Application to curved glass is more difficult, particularly concave curves
found in automotive glass.
Forms a chemical bond that is stronger and more stable under thermal cycling. Removal is extremely difficult.
Thinner and easier to squeegee leading to greater removal of mounting solution. Application should only be performed
by a fully trained and experienced installer.
Harder and provides a higher degree
of long-term visual clarity.

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