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Dry Shrink Shaping

"Dry Shrink" Shaping

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Hard card, Squeegee, Paper towels and a Heat gun

The dry shrink method is the latest technique used for installing window film on compound (curved) rear windows. It's generally accepted within the window film industry as a superior installation technique because it takes less time to install versus the wet shrink method, and the film will last longer due to the fact that a larger portion of film will be heated, thus allowing the film to conform to the window better. This technique is also recommended for cars with thicker defrost lines, and cars with very curved rear windows, e.g. VW Bug.

Note: After you have made your rough-cut film pattern (overlaps the border by a 1/4" on each side, and by 1" on the top and bottom) you will then proceed using these dry shrink procedures. Remember, you have already created a moistened "H" pattern
underneath the film.

Start with large circular motion.
Step 2 – heat film with
a circular motion
Complete any remaining small areas with the wet shrink method.
Step 3 – smooth out
heated areas
Finished 1 piece pattern fits the window perfectly.
Finished dry shrink
With your sponge wet with solution, re-moisten each side and across the middle of the film to once again create an "H" pattern and then squeegee out solution. You should now have two large "pockets" above and below your "H" pattern providing you with a starting point for the heat shrinking process.
With your heat gun approximately 6" to 10" away from the film, heat the film at the center of each pocket moving the heat gun
in a circular motion. This process will cause the film to form to
the curvature of the glass.
With your free hand, smooth out the area you've heated. Repeat this process until you feel the film has fully formed to the glass.
Lift half of the film off of the window and spray window underneath with solution. Place film back onto window and squeegee out solution.
First squeegee should be across the middle of the film about 10" deep, then use upward and downward squeegee strokes to work
out solution through the top and bottom of the pattern.
After completing this process on one half of the film, repeat this step on the other half of the pattern.

Helpful Tips:
• If any fingers are remaining on the film, use the wet shrink method to work them out.
• Always keep the heat gun moving to avoid damaging the film

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