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Flat Glass Tools

This overview of tools used in flat glass film installation covers most areas which you should consider when setting up your tool kit. The availability of tools varies from region to region and from distributor to distributor. Review the tool catalog from your distributor and take their advice as to the appropriate tool for the type of installation you are doing.

Trimming knives are essential. Choose
one that is comfortable to you and accepts stainless steel break-off blades. Scissors are sometimes used on security film.

Use hard cards to remove moisture from underneath the film and push down any small areas of film that do not lay perfectly. Select a shape and hardness that's right for the job.

Employ squeegees for cleaning and film installation. Soft squeegees leave more water under the film therefore, a polyurethane blade tends to work best. You can put some of the flat squeegees into an Unger handle to greatly improve leverage and water removal.

Use sprayers to clean windows and mount film. Hand trigger sprayers work, but a pump up model saves effort and stores more solution.

Scrapers and single edge razor blades are essential in the cleaning process of most windows. Blade holders increase safety and allow more reach with the blade.

Towels must be lint-free and scrub pads must not scratch the glass.

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