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In today's marketplace, choosing the perfect commercial or residential window film is difficult. An inexperienced customer may be confused by the overwhelming number of films and performance levels. It's up to you, the qualified dealer, to guide them in the right direction when choosing flat glass film.

The first step is to understand the customer's needs.
What are they looking for? Are they looking to reduce
the amount of solar heat? Or maybe they're looking to improve the aesthetic look of the window? Whatever the goal, it's important to understand the flat glass film options and play the role of building contractor or interior designer to effectively sell the product. Be knowledgeable about the basic internal/external structural features of a building or home. It helps you sound like the "expert" and gives the customer confidence in your recommendations.

In the flat glass world, there are various types of flat glass films to choose from - high heat rejection films, low reflective films, colored films, security films, etc... As you help your customers find the right film for their needs. Remember that flat glass films have multiple marketplace applications in contrast to automotive window films. Some film brands easily crossover from commercial to residential applications. It depends on which film works best for a particular installation job.

Here is a quick run down of the various flat glass films offered by Johnson Window Films:

The mirror look.
DaylightNatural – Daylight Natural films provide lower light reflectivity. This provides a more softer, neutral look that blends with any interior décor while maintaining a natural view outside the window.

Sunset Bronze – These films have a warm copper look that enhances a country or mountain setting and compliments a commercial building. Sunset Bronze metallized films offer high heat rejection while reducing the level of annoying glare.

Solar Silver – These modern looking films provide high light reflectivity as well as strong heat and UV rejection. An excellent compliment to factory tint glass, Solar Silver's metallized construction will not fade and provides years of strong energy savings.

ScenicView – Scenic View films offer the highest heat and glare rejection available. Suitable for dual pane windows, these films provide low interior light reflectivity creating more optimal day/night views. These metallized films will not fade and provide strong interior fading protection.

NightScape – With a unique reverse hybrid construction of anOur dual reflective
aluminum metallized layer and a charcoal dyed layer, NightScape offers superior heat rejection while reducing both interior and exterior reflectivity.

Architectural – This designer series offers striking reflective colors including gray, blue, green, and gold. These films offer excellent heat rejection for commercial or residential use.

Specialty Series – JWF also offers an assortment of decorative special application films including:

UV Clear – clear film with 99% UV protection for unique applications such as museums, art galleries and showroom displays.

Frost White – emulates frosted glass and provides obscured privacy. Perfect for bathrooms, entry doors, skylights and office partitioning.

Whiteout – opaque white film that provides total see-thru privacy and is ideal for screening glass walls, doors and building facades.

Blackout – opaque black film that eliminates light passing through glass and can be used for glass curtain walls, building facades and darkrooms.

Sacrafice the film not the glass
Anti-graffiti film

Safe Plus (Safety & Security Films) – Safe Plus films offer various levels of protection and safeguards glass from numerous environmental effects as well as criminal/terrorist acts. These films are available in a variety of thickness and color shades.

Defendor – A clear, peel and replace, anti-graffiti film designed to combat today's ever-growing vandalism problem.

Before a customer makes a decision, review the glass breakage and seal failure chart to ensure the film meets the correct installation requirements. Preparation prevents installing the wrong type of film for a certain type of window structure.

Another tip is to examine the windows closely during your job/estimate review. Be certain there are no window flaws or cracks before starting the installation job.

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