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Windows To Avoid

There are certain types of glass and glass structures where window film should not be applied. It's important that we all uphold the integrity of the window film industry and not recommend film application where the possibility of either film or glass failure will occur.

Here's a list of the types of windows that should not receive window film:

• Broken, scratched, chipped or cracked glass
• IG units with seal failure
• Framing sealant or gaskets that are no longer resilient
• Concrete framing or framing with no gasket or seal
• IG window in excess of forty square feet in total
• Any window in excess of sixty square feet in total
• Glass with edge dimension exceeding ten feet
• Window with a history of broken glass or seal failure
• Laminated glass
• Glass with film already applied to surface
• Textured, painted lettering, or ornamentation glass
• Wired glass
• Skylights
• Non pre-manufactured or frameless arched windows
• Triple or quadruple pane IG unit
• Glass thicker than 1/4"
• Dual pane windows with 1/4" or thicker tinted glass
• If 25% of the glass is shaded, including more than 25% of the glass perimeter
Too lumpy.
Screened glass
Wires do no expand.
Textured glass
Damaged window, do not tint.
Scratched glass

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