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Present Yourself

Making a good first impression on a potential customer is vital in closing the sale. Therefore, it's essential to prepare yourself before every sales call. Here are a few tips to remember:

Prepare before arriving at site
Prepare for the job
Get ready to go sell
Be ready to sell
Be professional
Be professional

Clean appearance – Begin by looking presentable. You always want to look clean and professional in front of a customer.
You should be wearing a fresh shirt and have clean hands. Remember, dress for success!

Prepare in Advance – Be organized. Make sure you have the right support materials (e.g. notepad & pen, brochures, sample packs, measuring tape) to help make your sales presentation complete.

Practice Your Presentation – either by yourself in front
of a mirror or with family and/or friends. Familiarity with the subject matter gives you extra confidence when it's time
to perform.

Be Prompt – Allow extra time (in case of traffic) when leaving for a sales call. If an unforeseen event arises causing you to be late, contact the customer in advance to explain the situation.

Be Nice and Smile – The right attitude in front of a customer is critical. Be confident, but not cocky. Present your recommendation, but listen carefully to what the customer
is saying.

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