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JWF, Education Sells

Education Sells

Johnson University brochure
Johnson U. brochure

Flat glass window tinting is one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses today. A big commercial job can generate revenue equal to two week's worth of auto tinting business. However, securing the commercial and residential tint jobs
is difficult due to the bigger purse involved. You need to be competitive in order to get that lucrative contract. Set
yourself apart becoming as knowledgeable about the
business as possible—in terms of both window film product
and installation service. Knowing your craft, understanding film characteristics and providing expert workmanship, will secure the job every time. Extra knowledge gives you the necessary edge over the competition.

Brush up on your reading
IWFA Education Guides

Unfortunately, well-trained window film technicians are in short supply and there are few opportunities for upgrading the skills necessary to compete in today's highly competitive flat glass
film market.

Fortunately, Johnson Window Films provides several different ways for you to improve your flat glass film knowledge and expertise. Johnson University, our tint school, offers classroom and hands-on training to both the novice tinter and the automotive tinter looking to expand into the flat glass film business. Also, this web site
is another tool that helps you understand the world of commercial and residential tinting. Take the time and check out the various sections including products, installation and film facts.

Absord the knowledge
Learning the business
side of tinting

Another way to expand your flat glass film knowledge base is join with the industry's trade association, the International Window Film Association (IWFA). Becoming an IWFA accredited specialist provides instant credibility with prospective customers because it verifies that you have successfully completed testing on important areas of technical and installation expertise.

The IWFA provides accreditation tests in the following areas:

Solar Control Specialists

Safety & Security Film Specialists

Advanced Solar Control Specialists

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