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Prepping At The Site

Being prepared at the job site has many benefits. It shows the customer that you take a professional approach and can handle any situation. Here are a couple of tips to remember when you are at the job site:

What a nice work area.
Your work area
1) Once you arrive at the job site, greet the customer with a CLEAN drop cloth in hand. Find out where your customer would like you to start, and find a place to lay down the drop cloth so you can set down your film and equipment. Be sure to stay clear of any high traffic areas or confined spaces that could lead to bumping into something and accidentally causing damage.

2) Once your work area is located, start to bring in your equipment and film. Make sure to avoid bumping into walls, door jams or furniture with your tools.

3) Next, you will want to place plastic sheeting or a water resistant drop cloth, coupled with canvas drop cloth, in front of the windows you will be working on. Remove any blinds, drapes and other objects that will interfere with your installation. Place them in a safe place that is approved by the customer.

Don't work in the danger zone
Pick up all your trash
4) During your installation, you will create a lot of waste. Remember to keep the work area as clean as possible. This will make the install much easier and gives the customer the peace of mind knowing that you manage a clean work area.

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