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Clean Outside of Glass

Cleaning the outside of the window can be an important process prior to installing
window film. Occasionally, there will be times when it's not necessary to clean the outside window, and that is fine. However, the reason cleaning the outside can be a plus is once your installation is complete, even if it is a perfect install, you could see some dirt or streaks that are on the outside, but it looks like it's on the film or on the inside window. By simply cleaning the outside, it will prevent this situation from occurring and maybe even save you a piece of film. Here are a couple of ways of cleaning up those dirty exterior windows:

Option 1) Clean using a high-pressure hose and a little soap. Squeegeeing off the soapy water can clean most windows, but occasionally you may need to scrub them with your white scrub pad.

Option 2) Use a window cleaner sponge with a pole, which will allow you to reach those windows on the second floor. Be sure to follow with a rinse and then squeegee off the water.

Clean exterior of window as much as the interior. Use a pole to get hard-to-reach glass.
Use a white scrub pad
You can use a pole

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