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Protect The Floor

Protecting the customer's floor is an important step that could easily be overlooked. The way in which you treat your customer's belongings, including their flooring, reflects on your overall professionalism. When giving an estimate, take the time to look for any special circumstances or obstacles that need to be addressed. This will save you time,
and money in the long run. Here are a few things to watch out for:

A drop cloth
Do you like wet carpet?
Always protect the floor
This will keep the floor from getting wet  and damaged
Drop cloths
project professionalism
Hardwood Flooring
It's something to be aware of due to its ability to warp when
wet and the possibility of scratching when moving furniture or accidentally dropping tools. It's always a good idea to lay down plastic sheeting or a water resistant drop cloth, along with a typical canvas drop cloth, to absorb the water. This will greatly reduce the chance of damaging the flooring. Also, wearing booties to cover your shoes will show the customer you respect their dwelling.

This is also at risk when installing film because mold could develop when the carpet gets wet. Again, it is a good idea to use plastic sheeting or a water resistant drop cloth along with a canvas drop cloth. Not only does the canvas drop cloth absorb water but it also collects waste without any added stress of damaging your customer's flooring.

This is another flooring that can easily be damaged. It can soak up dirty water and stain the grout between the tiles. Or once wet, it becomes quite slippery. Once again, cover the floor with plastic sheeting or a water resistant drop cloth coupled with a typical canvas drop cloth. This will avoid any staining and the chance
of slippage, keeping everyone safe from falls.

This type of flooring is not as easy to damage, but it does get quite slippery when it becomes wet. When working with linoleum, always put down a slip resistant drop cloth. More than likely, your water resistant drop cloth also contains non-slip ability. Another good idea is to use something to absorb any water running to the floor.

Protecting any floor from even the smallest chance of damage shows that you care about your customer's belongings. That goes a long way in making a favorable impression with your customers.

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