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Cut Out Of The Box

Cutting a rough-cut pattern from a box of film is the most commonly used method for flat glass installers. This method enables the installer to choose exactly how he wants the film cut from the roll. Additionally, an experienced installer can minimize waste by cutting the patterns right out of the box. Here are the steps for cutting rough patterns from the box:

Measure width
Step 3 – extend blade
into box
Measure the length
Step 4 – measure the predetermined length
Pull film and trim to width
Step 6 – pull film out slowly
Measure the width and height of the window.
Measure film box and put a mark on the box two inches larger than the actual width of the window.
With a second Olfa knife, extend the blade about 1.5 inches and then insert into the box at your mark.
Add two inches to the actual window length and set tape measure from edge of box to your predetermined length.
Use one hand to grab the film on the side where your extra knife is inserted and grab the opposite side with your other hand.
Slowly pull the film from the box to your desired length allowing the inserted knife to cut the film as you pull. Carefully set the film on the floor and cut the film from the roll.
Roll up the film tightly with the liner facing in.

Note: this technique can be used for many different window types and sizes.

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