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French Panes

Cutting rough-cut patterns for French pane windows are usually easier than it looks. Occasionally, you'll have a residential job with hundreds of French panes and this will take you a little more time. Since there is a slight up-charge for these smaller windows, a wise tinter will cut the rough-cut French pane patterns at the shop beforehand on a cutting board using a straightedge ruler. All you need are the French pane window measurements from your initial job survey.

Producing rough cuts at the shop before the job starts will save hours off the install. For example, if you estimate three days to install window film on 250 French panes, by having all the rough patterns ready to install you could finish the job at the end of day two. With this extra day, you can either solicit extra jobs or bump up your next install by a day.

Another money-saving technique is to cut French pane rough-cuts from off cuts from larger window film pieces.

French Pane Installation Procedures
Rough cuts can save you hours. It's a money saver.

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