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Arches & Odd Shapes

Measure width of arch.
Step 3 – place film on drop cloth
Mark center.
Step 3 – mark the film
Measure half width and begin
Step 6 – use a hard card
Move tape and trim
Step 7 – move tape measure ahead
Move again
Continue the cut all the way through the arch...
One more time
The last time
Finish the trim
Finished product
Step 8 – finished arched window cut
Arched Windows Rough-Cut Technique
Measure the width and height of the window. Remember that you'll need to add two inches to both the width and the height.
Using the appropriate roll size, pull the necessary length of film, plus two inches, and cut it from the box.
Place the film on a drop cloth and mark the film at the middle point of its length.
Pull your tape measure to the height of the window, plus two inches, and lock the tape measure at that point.
Place the tape measure at the center point on the rough pattern. Now the end of the tape should be close to the end of the pattern.
Place a hard card between the film and drop cloth at your starting point. Insert your Olfa knife blade into the hard card.
As you make your cut, move the end of the tape measure ahead of where you are cutting and, in an arch motion, make your rough-cut.
Now you should have a piece of film two inches larger than the actual window with a rough-cut arch. This will allow the film to hold to the window as you make your final trim.
Odd-Shaped Windows
Measure the width and height of the window.
Using the appropriate roll size, measure and pull the film from the box and make the appropriate width and height cuts.
Once the rough-cut patterns are ready, make your final trim before removal of the liner. The closer the film is to the exact window size, the faster and easier your installation will go.

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