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Hang The Film

Once you have rough-cut a pattern and cleaned the glass, you have to remove the release liner and actually get the film up onto the glass. In this section we describe 1 and 2 man methods of getting the liner off and hanging the film.

The Two-Man Peel
This is how you drop a roll
The California Drop
Gravity carries dirt.
French pane installs
The Two-Man Peel
This is one of the most common ways to hang film and is probably the best for beginners. This technique is where one person holds the pattern up off the ground, while the other person pulls the liner and wets the adhesive.

The One-Man Peel (The California Drop)
This technique gives the installer the ability to remove the release liner and hang the film on the glass without having a helper. This works with "dry adhesive" films only.

The California Roll
This method is similar to the California Drop but it can be done with "pressure sensitive" films.

Using the Window
Once the pattern is ready for installation, the installer places the pattern on an adjacent window, with the liner facing away from the window. This gives him the ability to release the liner and wet the adhesive without holding the pattern. This is similar to the way auto installers use their trim boards.

French Panes
There are a couple things to keep in mind
when tinting French pane windows. These windows are one of the easiest to collect contamination around the seals or the frames, so be sure they are both very clean.

Splice Large Windows
This section goes over the best way to splice film for a large window
that is over 60" in both dimensions. The most important thing to remember is you need the same factory edge of the roll to use for the overlap. Read this page to find out how and why.

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