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JWF, 2 Man Peel

Two-Man Peel

The two man peel is the most common method used for installing film on large windows. This technique is also the best way to install thicker security films that come with our pressure sensitive adhesive.

After preparing the glass and frame for installation and once your pattern is ready to hang, via pre-cut order, rough box cut or final trimmed pattern, follow the steps below:

It makes things easier if someone helps you.
Step 1 – one person holds
the pattern
Make sure the film is completely wet.
Step 2 – spray while removing release liner
One person will hold the pattern up off the floor with their index finger and thumb on both upper corners.
The second person lightly mists the liner side of the pattern (reducing static). He then will begin to remove release liner, simultaneously spraying the exposed adhesive with mounting solution.
Once liner is completely removed and adhesive has been sprayed, the second person will then spray the cleaned glass surface with solution.
The person holding the film will carefully move to the window and, without touching the frame, apply the film to the glass. This can be done easily using your thumbs to guide the pattern into the two upper corners.
Mist hard coat side of the pattern and squeegee out water, starting on the top center working outwards and down. Be sure to overlap squeegee strokes by 1 or 2 inches.

Finish as you would with any other install.

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