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California Drop

To install film using the One-Man California Drop Technique, follow this process. Please keep in mind that this technique only works well with our dry adhesive films. You will have some difficulty using this technique with our pressure sensitive adhesive, but it is possible.

Once the glass and frame have been properly cleaned, follow the steps below:

Watch out for the sharp edges.
Step 4 – roll film tightly
Spray film thoroughly.
Step 5 – spray liner side
the roll should go all the way to the bottom.
Step 7 – let the film unroll
Bumping edges sequence diagram.
Step 12 – bumping edges
Measure the window to determine its size and how much film to pull from the box. (You must add 2 inches to both the height and width for this technique).
Using the appropriate size roll, measure the box and mark the width of the window. (Do not forget to add 2 inches.) Insert an Olfa knife at that mark on the box. Extend the blade about 1 to 1.5 inches.
Measure from edge of box and towards the outside, to pull the length of the film (do not forget to add 2 inches). Now, grab the film at one end of the piece and also at the point where you are slitting the film. Slowly pull film to the desired length. Carefully lay the film down and cut it off the box.
Roll up the oversized pattern with the liner facing in. Roll it tightly to avoid handling marks, about the circumference of a nickel.
Unroll about 5 inches. Spray the liner side of the unrolled film with your mounting solution. Separate the liner from the film you have unrolled and lay it on the hard coat side of the roll. Now mist the exposed adhesive to minimize contamination.
Spray the entire window with mounting solution. Be careful not to spray the solution into the gasket. This may lead to dirt being pulled from under them and contaminate your installation.
Using your index finger and thumb, pinch exposed adhesive and released liner on both sides of the roll. Lift the roll above your head and gently force the roll toward the floor. (This should cause the film to unroll and simultaneously release the liner to the hard coat side of the film).
Rapidly apply exposed adhesive to the glass, being sure to overlap the film onto the frame. (You can also use the factory edge to lineup against the gasket, saving yourself one edge of trimming).
Carefully remove the released liner from the hard coat side of film and discard. Mist the film with mounting solution. Using your hands, lay the film flat against the window.
Using an application squeegee, start at the top center, and squeegee outward with horizontal strokes. Be sure each stroke overlaps the last, stopping 1 or 2 inches from window frame.
Using your knife with a sharp tip, cut a 45-degree angle in each corner. This will allow the film to lay flat onto the glass. Then trim off any excess film, leaving a 1/16th of an inch from film to gasket. (This gives the water a place to exit as you squeegee out the film.)
Re-mist window and squeegee again. This time use a little more force and go all the way to the frame. Also, wrap a paper towel around the edge of a 5-way tool, and go around the window again. This time bumping the edges and letting the towel absorb the excess water.

Carefully clean the interior surface, making it ready for the customer.

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