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California Roll

The California Roll (Unroll) is a method of installation used to make installing pressure sensitive films on wide windows a little easier. It works like the California Drop, but instead of dropping the film to release the liner, you slowly unroll the film in a side-to-side motion.

After completion of cleaning the glass and frame, follow the steps below:

Hope there is enough
Step 4 – pull film to
desired length
This stuff is sticky, make sure you get it real wet
Step 6 – spray liner side
Unroll it
Step 8 – unroll in a
sideways motion
Measure the window to determine its size and how much film to pull from the box (you must add 2 inches to both the width and length for this technique).
Using the appropriate size roll, mark the width of the window (plus the 2 inch overlap) on the box. Insert an Olfa knife at that mark on the box. Extend blade about 1 to 1.5 inches.
Measure from edge of box out to get your desired length of the window.
Grab the film on one side of the piece and also at the point where you are splitting the film. Slowly pull film to the desired length. Carefully lay film down and cut it off the box.
Roll up the oversized pattern with the liner facing the inside. Try to roll it tightly to avoid handling marks, approximately the circumference of a nickel.
Next, holding the pattern in one hand, unroll approximately 6 inches and spray the liner with mounting solution. Roll it back up, leaving 2 inches unrolled. Release the liner across the unrolled section and let it stick to the hard coat side of the film. Mist the exposed adhesive.
Spray the entire window with mounting solution. Be careful not to flush any possible dirt from under the gaskets.
Holding the rolled up pattern so the roll is vertical with window, slowly unroll in a sideways motion (from left to right or right to left, depending on what works best for you). As you unroll the pattern, the liner will release from the adhesive and stick to the hard coat side of the film.
Once the liner is completely removed, position the pattern and mist with solution. Now begin your squeegeeing, stopping about 1 inch from the gaskets.

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