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Use The Window

This method allows one man to remove the liner while spraying the exposed adhesive.

After cleaning the glass and frame and you have your pattern cut and ready for installation, please follow the steps below:

Hold this for a minute
Step 1 – place pattern
on a window
Just like having a helper
Step 3 – spray adhesive
while peeling off liner
Time to install
Step 5 – place film
onto window
Place your pattern on a window next to the one you are installing, with hard coat to the glass.
Spray the window you are installing on with mounting solution. Be careful not to wet gaskets, which may flush the dirt out from underneath them.
Spray exposed adhesive while peeling off the release liner. Remove the liner completely and be sure all of the adhesive has been sprayed with mounting solution.
Carefully grab the top right portion of the pattern with your left hand. As you remove the pattern from the glass, place yourself on the hard coat side of the pattern. Then with your right hand grab the top of the pattern still on the glass.
Carefully place yourself in front of the window you are installing the film on. Using your thumbs to guide the pattern, place the film onto the window without touching the frame.
Mist the pattern and squeegee out the water, starting at top center, working outwards and down with overlaying strokes.

Finish as you would with any other install.

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