Greystone is a non-reflective, dyed film with a unique dual-ply construction bonded with special adhesives. This design helps to deliver excellent optical clarity and durability. In fact, Greystone will out last any other dyed film on the market today.

Greystone has become a favorite with window film dealers as well. Many installers comment about Greystone’s exceptional shrinkability and dry out time. Plus, Greystone is a metal-free, non-conductive film. With today’s car designs, more and more dealers want a higher performance dyed film that will not interfere with rear window AM/FM, GPS, satellite radio and security systems.

Greystone is available in five charcoal shades designed to deliver a desirable, sophisticated look. Additionally, these films offer excellent solar heat and glare protection.
Durable, Dual-Ply, Dyed Construction
Rejects 99% of Harmful UV Rays
CST™ Scratch-Resistant Hardcoat
Backed by Johnson Window Films' comprehensive manufacturer's warranty program

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