Advantages of Window Film Installation

Whether it’s your home, office or car window film provides a wide variety of benefits to your health, personal safety, privacy and energy conservation. 

An advantage to choosing a Johnson Window Films solar control product is that we are not a big box store, we are a family owned manufacturer and distributor located in Carson, CA. Johnson Laminating and Coating, the manufacturer of our product has been in the window film business since 1975 and while larger companies have attempted to absorb them into their monopolies, they have steadfastly refused to be acquired. 

We believe in making a quality product that allows us to support our families. Our President Scott Davidson’s motto is “I’ve never cared about being the biggest film manufacturer, I care about being the best”. That philosophy has served both Johnson Laminating and Johnson Window Films well over the past 43 years as we continue to strive for perfection in the manufacturing and customer service processes that we are so proud of. 

No middle man – We sell directly to the installer and in return you get good old fashion value on a quality product that matches up against the competition, no matter what their size. 

Once you understand the positive life changing aspects of having window film installed, we are positive you will want to contact a professional installer that will start you on the path to having window film in your life. To learn more about the individual advantages of having window film installed, review the topics below. 

7 Reasons Why

1.Benefits - General

Window Film can enhance the existing appearance of your building, by choosing a product that complements the existing elements of your structure. If you choose one of our Architectural products the look of the building can be completely transformed into something it never was before.

If your interest is in energy savings, there are many types of new windows that can be installed to achieve energy conservation; window film can achieve the same results at a lower cost. Unlike most building retrofit projects undertaken, you will find that the installation of window film is a minor disruption to your busy life. No moving out, no need to not use a certain room for a period of time, it's fast and easy when performed by a professional installer.

A large concern in this day and age is personal safety; glass itself is a dangerous product as most glass types are designed to shatter when they break. Any window film installed on any glass type will help to keep the fragments intact, stopping the potential danger of flying glass fragments and large pieces.

Certain products can be installed or reduce the ability to see inside your building, home or car. This is an added benefit against vandalism and possible theft. By reducing the view from outside of the building or car, the potential intruder is not enticed to steal your belongings.

2.Enhanced Appearance and Protection

Whether it's a contemporary look or a uniform design that is desired, there's a variety of window film options that can aesthetically enhance the exterior of your home, office or automobile. From virtually invisible films to darker colors, there's a range of shades to give you the look you want.

All of our window film products whether designed for residential/commercial or automobiles, contain the highest levels of UV protection, rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

While you apply sunscreen when you plan to be outside for long periods of time, have you ever thought that when performing the simple daily activities of driving your vehicle or standing next to a window, that the sun streaming in can also damage your skin? By stopping virtually all of the UV rays, window film provides an effective “sunscreen” for your skin against the harmful affects of the sun including but not limited to skin cancer, and vision impairment.

3.Not Only for Automobiles

When thinking of window film, we all know about tinting our cars, which has been around for almost as long as there have been cars. Everyone wants to reduce the glare encountered when driving and protect the vehicle’s interior. As we drive around town we always see companies advertising automobile window tinting, but did you ever think that the same kind of product might bring advantages to your building?

Your car is not the largest monetary investment you will ever make, that’s reserved for real estate, whether a commercial building, your home, office or rental unit. Why not give the largest investment you will ever make the same protection? Whether you are interested in privacy, safety, energy savings or appearance the benefits of window film will bring the same levels of protection with a greater return on investment.

The temperature changes that buildings experience are slower and felt more by humans than the changes in your car. Sure your cars gets hot, but leave the windows or doors open and turn on the AC in a short period of time the temperature will adjust to a comfortable environment, but not so with a building.

Buildings are not conducive to quick temperature turn a rounds. Automobiles are small spaces with limited amounts of air which allows air to circulate more quickly. As we all know trying to cool or even heat a building in which the HVAC has gone out, takes quite awhile. The addition of any kind of window film on a structure will assist with the amount of heat or cold that escapes from the untreated window.

4.Energy Conservation/Carbon Footprint

It is impossible today, to ignore the need for conservation in a wide variety of products, whether those products are consumables or not makes no difference. We are asked to reuse, repurpose and reduce our consumption. We all want to do the best we can to preserve the natural resources that we are blessed with today so they are available for future generations.

It is important not only to examine how we use resources, but also how we can create new ones. The process to produce window film creates a lower carbon footprint than the manufacturing of glass. Should a problem develop with professionally installed window film, it can easily be removed and quickly replaced without the need to purchase a new window.

The application of window film will assist with lowering the costs to run your HVAC unit. Not only will you save on the utilities costs associated with these units, but the units themselves will not have to run as long or hard to achieve the required cooling/heating , thereby extending the life of these units. A win for everyone.

5.Fading & Glare Protection/Reduction

One of the major benefits of window film is its ability to reject a majority of the damaging UV rays. These rays not only impact your skin, but they are also a significant cause of fading of vehicle and home interiors.

An additional benefit of window film is its ability to reject solar energy also known as heat. The combined heat and UV ray rejection causes the fading process to slow. By reducing the two primary causes of fading, the life of both vehicle interiors and home interiors is extended.

The above chart shows the various factors that are the primary causes of fading as released by the International Window Film Association (IWFA). While the fading process can not be stopped, it can be slowed and therefore will result in extending the life of your furnishings and vehicle’s interior.

Glare is encountered in many everyday activities ranging from direct sun, headlights, snow, water or surrounding buildings. While it can not be avoided, window film does an excellent job of reducing the amount of glare in your everyday life.

Glare is not only annoying – it can also be harmful and tiring for the eyes, making you uncomfortable and less productive. Film can provide 29-80% reduction of glare and reflection while maintaining a crystal clear view. Thus making it easier to see the computer screen, watch TV or read by the window.

6.It’s Fast and Easy

The installation of window film on a building is not as time consuming as some other retrofit improvements you might undertake. Replacing windows to achieve higher energy savings can cost thousands of dollars for the windows alone. Not to mention the installation costs, the invasive practice of removing old windows, installing new windows, as well as the cost of inside and outside window trim replacements.

The process of window replacement could leave your building potentially open to the elements. Not to mention that inclement weather could extend the length of the project and potentially damage any parts of the buildings that are exposed during the installation.

Window film can be installed either on the interior or the exterior of your structure, dependent upon the required access and the type of product you choose. Residential and Commercial or Safety products are installed without window removal; the product is applied to the existing glass surface like a surface coating.

After the installation is complete, you will have immediate access to all areas, and be left only with a warning not to clean your windows until the adhesive curing process has been completed, normally within 30–45 days after installation. What could be easier?

You can immediately feel the improvement in heat reduction, and still have the crystal clear views you had before. No time between installation completion and your ability to get back to your routine, but with the added protection to both your investment and your family.

7.Temperature Imbalances

Eliminate troublesome temperature imbalances inside your home or building. Those uncomfortable cold or hot zones from shaded or too-sunny areas can be a thing of the past. Johnson Window Films minimizes temperature fluctuations and make your rooms a pleasure to spend time in. You’ll also find that the window film will pay for itself as your utility bills and energy costs are reduced.

Window film can provide up to 82% solar energy rejection versus untreated glass. By controlling the overall unwanted interior heat from the sun, window film helps create a more comfortable driving experience while reducing cooling costs.

Windows are the heart of your home or building; today’s designs have evolved to incorporate our natural desire for more natural light. However, the increase in natural light comes with a down side – the amount of solar heat coming in through the windows has increased. While visually the view is great, the building is now uncomfortable to be in. The application of window film will not only maintain the natural light and crystal clear views you are used to, but it will also reduce the amount of solar heat that comes through the windows. Whether installed on your home or office, window film will improve your experience inside of any building.

8.Sunglasses for All Your Panes

Our bodies require sunlight in order to produce and use certain vitamins and minerals, but at the same time too much of this vital resource can damage our eyes and skin. We need the sun to warm our atmosphere so that life can be maintained, but at the same time too much heat is uncomfortable.

While sunlight is vital to our existence, it is also dangerous. The application of window film on your glass still allows an amount of both sunlight and heat to be felt, while reducing the dangers, just like the sun block you put on when you are outside, or the sunglasses you use when driving. Why not get sunglasses for all your glass panes and see the change in your lifestyle? Cost per sq. foot of window installed won’t cost more than a set of cheap sunglasses, and will come with a return on investment that is almost impossible to measure.

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