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In today’s energy conscious climate the choice of window film on either a building renovation or new construction is a low cost alternative to window replacement. On building retro fits, as long as the existing windows are structurally sound the addition of a professionally installed window film tends to match or exceed the energy efficiency of most modern windows. 

Rather than undertaking the time consuming, expensive and often times invasive project of installing new windows, the application of window film can completely change the aesthetics of any buildings façade. While at the same time offering the occupants reduced glare and heat, reducing the load on the buildings HVAC system which results in monetary savings on cooling and heating costs. 

Our Window Film products range from Safety and Security films (clear or with added solar control properties) which are designed to allow the windows to break but not shatter during a natural or unnatural disaster to reflective films like our NightScape, Scenic View or Architectural lines which can be used in some cases to increase privacy.

With all of the various window film types on the market today, research is important to find the product best suited for each buildings unique requirements.  Professional window film installers can recommend the best film for your application, taking into consideration glass type, frame type and solar properties of each product, as well as perform a quality application once you have reached your final decision.

Any new construction or renovation of an older building requires products to be specified using the Construction Specification Institutes (CSI) 3 part format. In order to assist with the specification of window film on your next project Johnson Window Films is happy to offer our performance data and specifications in the appropriate CSI format, allowing you to make your submittal as seamless as possible.

This page offers the Construction Specifications Institute’s 3 part specifications, for use by architects and design professionals, charts showing the film to glass recommendations, our Solar Control Specifications and a must read section which includes a detailed explanation of shading and glass breakage. Certain kinds of shading or unusual window designs could result in certain windows not being good candidates for window film.

As always our Johnson Window Films professional customer service staff is available to answer any questions you may have with respect to our product offerings.

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3-Part Specifications

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Whether you're looking for glare reduction, energy conservation, heat rejection or privacy. Johnson Window Films has the product perfectly suited to your needs. See the Solar Control Specification link below for a comprehensive list of the technical aspects of our product offerings.

Film to Glass Chart

Click the link below for information on why some films are not recommended for certain applications, and a brief explanation of glass breakage concerns.

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