Commercial Buildings

Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications

Building managers and owners need to find cost-efficient ways to improve day-to-day operations. Upgrading older inefficient window systems can yield positive results by reducing strain on aging HVAC cooling systems, especially at peak heat periods. While glass window replacement is a complex and costly solution, commercial window film is a retrofit application that is highly energy efficient. Today's advanced window film products can reject solar energy, balance the interior temperature, reduce air conditioning costs and extend the life of most HVAC equipment.

Applying window film will provide a more comfortable and relaxing work environment. By reducing heat and blocking 99% or more of damaging UV rays, it effectively protects both occupants and interior furnishings. Another great benefit of applied window film is glare reduction, which can help alleviate eyestrain caused from computer monitors, while allowing more of the natural light into a room. Window film can refresh or enhance the overall appearance of a building.

If vandalism is a problem, removable anti-graffiti film applied to exterior surfaces can provide a cost effective solution. A range of protective films are also available to increase protection against shattered glass or dangerous shards. These are thicker in design to help hold glass in place during breakage caused by accidents, severe weather, violence or even bomb blasts.

Johnson Window Films offers a wide variety of commercial film options to choose from. You can select the degree of heat rejection and the color or shade of film to suit your needs. There are films that provide a modern, reflective look while others are available in a variety of striking colors. Use the Dealer locator to find a Johnson Window Films dealer near you.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides Energy Savings and Comfort Year Round
  • Increases Overall Worker Productivity
  • Protects Interior and Occupants
  • Reduces Annoying Glare
  • Enhances Exterior Appearance