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Palisade - optically clear ceramic metallized polyester film that will not fade. The charcoal shade keeps your view unchanged whether day or night, keeping both interior and exterior reflectivity to a pleasing level.

The soft neutral shade will blend beautifully with the look of any existing glass, either on the home or office. Palisade is available in 3 shades, while still providing strong heat rejection, glare reduction and UV protection. Its soft, neutral color blends in well with any interior decor and provides natural outdoor views, while at the same time reducing extreme glare and excessive heat.

With solar energy rejection ranging from 48% to 60%, you will notice a reduction in energy costs almost from the moment the product is installed.

Palisade 40 offers the best of the best with a 4 star heat load reduction rating, a slowing of interior fading by up to 70% and maintaining lower reflectivity it is film to have for the most demanding building owners.

Palisade is available for interior installations in three shades - PD40, PD45 and PD50.
Also available as one shade for exterior installations – PD75 EXT.

PD75EXT is an exterior product with high visible light transmission, allowing the maximum level of natural daylight to shine in while at the same time achieving a 40% reduction in heat. An excellent choice for installations where interior installations are not possible, safe for all types of glass. The low interior and exterior reflectance keeps your view uncompromised.

  Protected with CSTTM scratch-resistant hardcoat to ensure long lasting durability, protection and clarity
  Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays - minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes, slows interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings
  Glare reduction of up to 56 % helps to reduce eye strain and unwanted glare, making the building more comfortable for the occupants whether looking tablets or viewing television
  Comprehensive manufacturer's warranty available

Residential Recommendations:

Palisade 50 is favored by architects for installation on residences; the light film allows maximum natural light penetration of 48% while still rejecting 48 % of the solar energy, resulting in significant savings of HVAC costs over the life of the film.

Homeowners appreciate the 44% glare reduction while still enjoying unobstructed views, not to mention a slowing of interior fading by 65%.

Commercial Recommendations:

Palisade 40 and Palisade 45 are excellent candidates for many commercial installations; these films allow just enough light in the work area while still offering glare reduction of up to 56% making employees more comfortable and productive during the work day.

The Palisade 40 will offer an immediate return on investment with respect to energy savings with solar energy rejection properties of 60%, resulting in your heating and cooling system working less, adding to the life span of these very expensive pieces of equipment.

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