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Enhance Your Safety and Security
Glass breakage caused by accidents in the home, vandalism, natural disasters and even acts of terrorism can be very dangerous as flying glass shards can turn into lethal, destructive pieces. Johnson Window Films' Trident Safety and Security Films are designed to hold shards of fragmented glass together. Trident films provide building owners and homeowners with an economical and effective means of significantly strengthening glass panes.

Trident is available in a wide variety of thickness levels depending on the level of protection needed. The 2 mil, 4 mil and 6 mil films, known as Safety Films are designed for smaller accidental breakage occurrences. Thicker Security Films - 8 mil to16 mil are constructed specifically to face much higher impact loads.

These films also come in several shades of solar protection. Clear Trident films will not alter the appearance of glass while providing safety protection, plus 98% or more UV ray rejection. Trident metallized films offer the same glass breakage protection as clear films, but include additional benefits such as blocking unwanted glare and reducing heat gain.

With solar energy (heat) rejection as high as 77%, Trident metallized films will help increase HVAC efficiency and lower overall energy costs. Our Trident products offer the same benefits as our other solar control products; with the additional protection from flying glass shards. Whether a glass pane is broken due to a natural disaster or a simple accident like a person running into a glass door the installation of any of our Trident products will add a layer of protection to your family.

The physical properties of all Trident films have been tested per ASTM D882, with respect to tensile strength, break strength and elongation at break. These tests are important to architects and engineers when determining what safety or security films to recommend for any building. Additional information on these products can be found in our 3 part specifiers designed for the building industry at:

Johnson Window Films does not warrant Trident films against all risk factors. Reported values are typical properties and should not be used as a specification. Only the user is aware of the conditions in which the product will be used, it is the users responsibility to determine if the product is suitable for use. If the specific conditions of use are critically dependant on any properties or if you need future information contact your Johnson Window Films dealer.

Multiple Levels of Protection
Clear or Solar Control Options
State-of-the-Art Construction
Rejects 99% of Harmful UV Rays
CST™ Scratch-Resistant Hardcoat
Backed by Johnson Window Films' comprehensive manufacturer's warranty program

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