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ScenicView is a state-of-the-art, dual-reflective film designed to balance hot spots in commercial buildings and improve comfort in today's modern homes. These films are guaranteed not to fade or change color; they offer the highest heat rejection available. The construction of aluminum and sputtered metal provides cool shades with superior solar control.

The large panes of glass found in today's modern homes and buildings offer breathtaking views of the outside world. Builders and designers have avoided window film in the past simply because most films can destroy early evening and nighttime views. ScenicView provides the perfect solution because its unique dual-reflective technology allows homeowners or building owners to protect their interior furnishings without sacrificing their panoramic views.

ScenicView is available for interior installation in four shades-SV50, SV35, SV25 and SV10, exterior shades are SV50EXT, SV25EXT and SV10EXT.

  Protected with CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat to ensure long lasting durability, protection and clarity.
  Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays - minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes and reduces interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings.
  Glare reduction of up to 91% helps to reduce eye strain and unwanted glare on computer and TV screens.
  Comprehensive manufacturer's warranty available.

Residential Recommendations:

ScenicView 50 and Scenic View 35 are manufactured with home owners in mind. The lower interior reflectivity of these two products (ranging from 12% to 17%) maintains your nighttime view.

A modern home with larger panes of glass will have higher than normal interior heat gain, the application of Scenic View offers up to 58% heat rejection. These rejection numbers will result in the lowering of your heating and cooling costs, as well as offer a slowing of the fading of interior furnishings.

Commercial Recommendations:

ScenicView 25 and ScenicView 10 are both high performance, dual-reflective films primarily designed for commercial buildings faced with sun-drenched areas. Occupants will enjoy the SV10's 82% heat rejection, at the same time achieving a 91% reduction in glare.

The high heat rejection properties are a favorite of commercial building managers, as it results in the lowering of overall energy costs. Additionally the buildings HVAC units experience less load, resulting in the extension of the unit's life span.

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