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Specialty Series

The window film world of today is not limited to traditional solar control films. Sometimes a window will need a special application film to address a specific issue or concern. Fortunately, Johnson Window Films offers a line-up of Specialty Series films to help respond to unique window treatment situations.

These solutions range from a completely clear product - UVCLR, which will not change the look of the glass while still blocking 98% of harmful UV rays, to a completely opaque black - BLKOUT. This specialty line is primarily used by designers to change the appearance of an interior space.

This line includes a product designed with a chemically altered adhesive for application to plastic surfaces. All of the attributes found in normal window film can now be applied to plastic surfaces. Available in Solar Silver 20% -SS20AB for interior applications as well as the exterior version SS20ABEXT.

The most unique products in this line are the Printable's; the PRT2CLR is a completely clear UV product, the PRT2WOUT is an opaque white, both films can be printed on using a UV Cured ink system. Allowing sign makers and advertisers to make any window a billboard. The clear version allows for the production of translucent images while the white out makes the images appear to pop off the window.

Whether you are a designer, retail store owner or property manager looking to refresh or update any window this series is has something for everyone.

Products available:

UV Clear—will not change the look of your glass.

Blackout—Opaque black film, achieve 100% privacy with this zero VLT product.

White Frost—A semi-transparent decorative film designed for privacy, interior design and light diffusion applications.

White Out—Opaque white, achieve 100% privacy with a 14% VLT while still maintaining a bright look.

SS20AB and SS20ABEXT—our most popular residential/commercial products for installation on plastic surfaces.

PRT2CLR and PRT2WOUT—a special hard coat on this product allows for sign makers to print directly on the product using a special UV cured ink delivery system.
For more information on our Printable Products, CLICK HERE.

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