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Recently, JWF had an opportunity to sit down with a number of installers and discuss a variety of topics. The result is a series of interview video clips called "Talking Tint with Dealers" where shop owners talked candidly about how they got started in the window film business as well as important strategies and tactics used to grow sales. Each interview provides a unique perspective about the industry as a whole and the challenges facing dealers in the future.

The intent was to not make a Johnson Window Films "propaganda" piece. Instead, the goal was to allow JWF installers to speak openly about their business in order to provide possible insights and/or suggestions for fellow Johnson installers.

SEMA 2009
BOYD – One Stop Tint
Sydney, Australia
"The main problem around the
world is the education of it."
BRIAN – Shaded Industries, Inc.
Victorville, CA
"Plan on other types of resource work to keep your shop going."
CAESAR – San Diego Auto
San Diego, CA
"The thing that has kept me alive is
I"m kind of a wholesaler."
EDWARD – High Class Customs
New Orleans, LA
"I used to like hiding behind dark tint."
GREG & DALE – Awesome Accessories
Las Vegas, NV
"80% of my business is Johnson."
JAMAL – Transparent Film and Alnahdi Cars Accessories
Qatar & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
"Our degree there is 50°C (122°F) in the summer."
Las Vegas, NV
"I still learn something everytime I tint a car."
JUNIOR – Chaotic Custom Audio
Phoenix, AZ
"Customer service, that's what it's about."
MOKHTAR – Universal Window Tint and Film
Gulf Area (Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt)
"...big palace and that was an honor to us that we put Johnson Window Films."
MARIBEL & UBALDO – Avalos Tint and Graphics
Las Vegas, NV
"Some think it's strange that a woman is tinting their car."
RANDY – Window Tints, Etc.
Hollywood, CA
"I started in the backyard with the Pep Boys films."
THE PAVLIKS – The Tint Masters
Lansing, MI
"If it's a police car in Lansing and it has window tint, we did it."
RYAN – Auto Effects
Pittsburgh, PA
"I offer regular window tint and premium tint."

DAN – Window Tints, Etc.
Hollywood, CA
"We had a mishap with one of our liquid tinting machines..."
ADAM – Mr. Tint of New England
West Springfield, MA
"I've been trying to buy elbow grease everywhere..."
GABRIEL "The Tinter" – OC Glass Tint
Orange County, CA
"Twenty-two years ago it was not heat gun..."
ESTHER – Guaranteed Alarm and Glass
Brooklyn, NY
"They can't believe that I am the owner."
GLORIA – California Auto Accessories
Inglewood, CA
"We need more women in this business."
JOE – The Tint Shop
Great Neck, NY
"They try to short you on money and not pay at all."
JUNIOR – Pro Window Tinting
Long Beach, CA
"This is embarrassing. I can't do this."
PHIL – Tint Pros
Staten Island, NY
"...NBA stars, NFL stars, a lot of the rap stars come."
SERGIO – A+ Advanced Tinting
Los Angeles, CA
"...they're out just because they failed to manage their money."
RONNIE – Savage Auto Sports
Medford, NY
"...was doing it out of my mother's garage."
MANNY – Super Tint
El Monte, CA
"I taught myself. Nobody came here to say
'Do it this way. Do it that way'..."
MARK – Extreme Window Tinting
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
"Johnson, I'm sorry. I have cheated on you in the past..."
MICHAEL – Five Star Tinting
Los Angeles, CA
"...people you meet might lead to other endeavors in life..."
NELSON – Exotic Window Tinting
Sylmar, CA
"Cutting our fingers all the time..."
ROMMEL – Paradise Tinting
Long Beach, CA
"...what professional trade did anything in this room for less than $500."

ANDRZEJ– Baczkowski, Ltd.
London, UK
"Started 4 o'clock Sat. afternoon and finished at 9 o'clock Sun. morning..."
BERT – Folie Technieken
Amsterdam, Holland
"In Los Angeles I installed film for 'Big Brother'..."
RICHARD – Mr. Tinter
London, UK
"I wanted a job that would allow me to be self-employed."
TONY – Tint Totaal
Amsterdam, Holland
"I got hands. What I'm supposed
to do with the hands, I do that..."
SCOTT – Auto Audio Install
London, UK
"They make you peel half of the film off."

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