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A Clear Solution to Costly Vandalism
From spray paint graffiti to smash-and-grab robbers, property owners and managers are in a constant battle to protect their glass and property. Johnson Window Films' Defendor clear anti-graffiti films provide the perfect solution. With a unique polyester construction bonded with special adhesives, Defendor provides protection for glass, metal and non-porous surfaces.

Defendor is optically clear and undetectable to the naked eye, so it won't hamper views. It also includes Johnson's industry-leading scratch resistant coating that helps prevent ugly scratches.

Easily cleaned with everyday household window cleaning products, Defendor can be utilized in a variety of locations such as department stores, schools, malls, trains, subways, bus shelters, store display cases, bathroom mirrors/stalls and elevator doors.

Defendor is available in two thicknesses-4 mil and 6 mil - allowing dealers an option depending on the desired level of protection. it's easily removed and replaced providing store managers with an inexpensive, time-efficient solution as opposed to replacing a piece of damaged glass or surface.

These clear anti-graffiti films have a unique two ply construction where one layer acts as protection for the other. It also allows for the introduction of an added UV inhibitor in the laminating adhesive. The single layer of polyester working in conjunction with the added UV inhibitor makes for an easily removable product.

When polyester is exposed to UV rays for long periods it has a tendency become brittle, which makes for a difficult removal. Having two layers in both the AG04 and AG06 ensures that the layer against the glass will come off in almost one piece when removed.

An added benefit of this construction; is seen during installation as its softer drape makes the installation more forgiving and significantly decreases dry out times.

  Protected with CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat to ensure long lasting durability, protection and clarity.
  Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays - minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes, slows interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings.
  Comprehensive manufacturer's warranty available.

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