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To the average consumer, window film is probably perceived as a very simple product to produce. How complicated could it be to develop a thin piece of tinted polyester film? In truth, the manufacturing process involved in producing window film is amazing and quite intricate.

For the dealer, it’s important to understand the window film manufacturing process in order to clearly articulate the subtle technical differences between each film. This section provides detailed information on components of window film construction.

Polyester Base Films
Professional films use a polyester base because of its strength and durability. Learn how these films are produced and perfected.

The outer film surface coating is very important to ensuring the durability of window film. Learn more about the importance of a scratch resistant coating.

Adhesives play a very important role. They allow film to stick to a glass surface, as well as bond multiple film layers together. Find out the differences between a dry adhesive vs. a pressure sensitive adhesive and learn how a good hardcoat can provide added protection.


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