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Glass Facts

It is essential that every dealer have a thorough working knowledge about glass and glazing systems in general. Glass windows and window film go hand and hand so different types of fenestration systems can have a direct effect on the type of window film that is recommended.

History of Glass
It’s important to know the origins of how glass is made. This section provides a
comprehensive overview covering the history of glass, as well as the evolution of glass manufacturing.

Glass Types
Learn about the various types of glass on the market today and how glass is constructed.

Glazing Systems
This section will break down the various window and framing systems dealers will encounter in addition to how these systems affect overall glazing system performance.

Seal Failure
Find out the truth about what really causes IG unit seal failure, and the position the window film industry takes on this volatile issue.

Glass Breakage
Unusual shading patterns may increase the chance of
glass breakage. It’s important for dealers
to understand the causes of thermal
stress to a glass window.

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