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Recommended Storage Conditions: 60 F to 90 F (15 C to 32 C) 50% relative humidity. Acceptable Storage Conditions are 40 F to 80 F (4 C to 27 C) 25%-75% relative humidity.

Any unused materials should be stored in the original packaging in a horizontal position. Storage of loose product not in original packaging is not recommended. If loose film must be stored, wind with liner in and no smaller than 2.75 inch diameter. The pieces should fit in a 3 inch tube. Winding less than 2.75 inch in diameter or with the liner side out can affect product stability.*

*User assumes all risks and liability for loss of performance when product is not properly stored. Shelf life is one year from original purchase date.

During installation, ensure that vehicle is removed from direct sunlight. Surface and air temperature should be 50 F to 90 F (10 C to 32 C). When applying PPF to a repainted vehicle, ensure that the paint is thoroughly dried and completely cured to avoid bubbling of the film due to the paint outgassing. Confirm manufacturing instructions with respect to cure time and method.

Wash the vehicle with a mild detergent, rinse and dry with a lint-free cloth. Ensure that all wax and polish has been removed. Special care should be devoted to the edges, corners, welding seams, rivets, etc. Ensure that these areas have been sufficiently cleaned, watching for debris from under any body trim. If the dirt area cannot be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that no debris is left behind, consider removing the trim for a cleaner install.

During the preparation examine the existing paint in detail, looking for possible repainted areas or other areas of concern that might cause problems when the product is eventually removed.

After the initial surface cleaning it might be necessary to repeat the degreasing and cleaning of the surface with a lint free cloth and IPA. This might need to be repeated several times dependening upon the level of contamination seen and/or felt on the surface prior to beginning the installation.

Film may be washed and waxed as normal after one week. Do not spray edges of film with hose or pressure washers. Directly spraying the edges will result in lifting of the edges. Do not use abrasive or pigmented waxes and polishes.

Should you need to remove the PPF, use a pulling action with a 30- degree (preferred) to 90-degree angle. The more dramatic the angle, the more adhesive will be left on the paint. A heat gun can be used to soften the adhesive, but it will result in the adhesive splitting, requiring cleanup of more adhesive than necessary. The preferred method for removal is to use a wallpaper or clothes steamer, which softens the adhesive, makes it easier to remove and leaves less adhesive residue behind.

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