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In 2010, Johnson Laminating & Coating received ISO 9001 certification. This certification ensures consistency in the various manufacturing processes we employ to create quality products with consistent delivery to our customers. Additionally, all our architectural films are NFRC rated.

The core technology of our company is coating and laminating. We are experts at laminating a variety of stacks and types of window films, including dyed, reflective, sputtered, ceramic, safety/security and decorative films. These window films are deployed in both the automotive and architectural markets. We have also developed a line of paint protection films.

Our products incorporate both pressure sensitive and dry adhesives. Our experience with pressure-sensitive adhesives dates back to 1977; in the '80s, we were one of the first manufacturers to integrate dry adhesive into our product lines. The manufacturing process includes the incorporation of a release liner that protects the mounting adhesives until the time of installation. The Johnson Window Films brand utilizes a "quick release" liner that facilitates the installation of architectural films.

In order to both maintain high quality and develop innovative products to meet an ever-changing market, we invest heavily in research and development. Our R&D team works closely with manufacturing and field representatives to develop products that both meet and exceed the expectations of the marketplace.

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