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Automotive Tools
Automotive window film installation requires a distinct set of tools. The availability of the following items vary from region to region and from distributor to distributor. Review the tool catalog from your distributor and discuss which tools are essential for the type of installations you plan to offer to your customers.

Common Tint Laws

Laws regarding the tinting of automotive windows vary from region to region and country to country. Complying with the law decreases risk and increases reward, making legal tinting a good business decision.

Each of the general auto tint laws can have additional conditions, so it's important to understand the actual laws that cover your region. You can get direction from your trade association and always keep a copy in your shop to use as a reference when discussing tint options with customers.

NET VLT (Visible Light Transmission)
NET Visible Light Transmission is a very common term in automotive tint laws. The "NET" portion refers to the combination of both glass and film, and not just the film alone.

Most automotive glass is in the range of 70%-85% light transmission. When the glass is coated with window film the resulting light transmission is lower than the film alone, is called NET VLT. A simple rule of thumb is NET VLT equals the transmission of the glass multiplied by the transmission of the film. This method is not perfect but it is close enough to keep you and your customers out of trouble.

Perform the math as outlined above and recommend the correct film for your customer. You will earn repeat business through your knowledge and honesty while protecting your customer from unwanted encounters with local police.

Automotive Film Installation Overview
Installing window film on cars can be challenging. This manual provides detailed instructions on every facet of the installation process. Here is an overview of basic steps involved in automotive installation:

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